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C.M. v. Weber, "Grand duo concertant": 2. Andante con moto
Bruno Mantovani, "Bug"

Motivatie van dit repertoire

For me this two pieces represent two different aspects of my instrument with which I feel like I can present myself very well as a musician.
Weber´s grand duo connects with the expressive operatic side of clarinet playing, in which it almost acts like a singer in an opera, chanting a most beautiful aria.
Mantovani´s "Bug", however, goes in a completely different direction, opting for fast-paced changes and virtuoso runs full of color emulating a computer that overworked by complex mathematical operations fails and dissolves into nothingness.
I find myself identified by this pieces and through them I can tell a story I´m passionate about in a varied and artistically interesting way.
This is why I choose them.

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Marianne Boer


Jaime Peña Martínez

Jaime Peña Martínez


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