Klassiek concours

Maak kennis met Kalina

Kalina deed in 2019 mee aan ons klassieke concours. Lees hier wat ze ervan vond. Kalina komt uit Bulgarije en woont nu in Groningen. Daarom is de tekst in het Engels. Kalina deed mee aan de selecties in Groningen, won een prijs in de regionale en deed daarna mee aan de Nationale Halve Finale en Nationale Finale.

‘Hi there! My name is Kalina, I’m 20 years old. I play the marimba and percussion instruments. Last year I apllied in region North, Groningen. Music to me is a journey for life. I discover it every day, it challenges me and motivates me to keep on improving. Percussion is the best way or me to express myself. It can be both very gentle and fragile, as well as wild and expressive.

I signed up for the Prinses Christina Klassiek Concours to motivate myself and work for a high set goal. Along the way of preparation, I learnt a lot about myself and my instruments. I overcame challenges and most of all, enjoyed performing for a great audience!


Every time I felt very welcome 

In all four rounds (selections, final, semi-finale and national final) the atmosphere and audience were different. Every time I felt very welcome. The jury members were at a very high level and the talks we had after every round were part of my musicals lessons, preparing me for the finals.

Each venue has it’s own challenges and acoustics that one needs to work with. To me, adjusting and working with the sound of every hall is a part of the competition. All stages of preparation and participation in the competition were challenging for different reasons. I am extremely happy that I was given the change to go trough and experience all four rounds.

A good preparation takes a few months of practicing. All pieces should be known at a personal and comfortable level to be able to feel free while performing them on the stage. I would recommend to anyone who wants to experience the challenge and thrill of a great and generous competition, to sign up and do their best!’

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