The Prinses Christina Concours has been organising competitions for young musicians for more than forty years. Each year around 500 participants take part in the Princess Christina Concours for classical music. There are also editions of the competition for young composers and jazz musicians. Children can take part in the Prinses Christina Junior Concours by putting a film of their own performance on YouTube.

Participants in the competitions get the chance to win great prizes. After the contest, the winners also receive further coaching. Every year the Prinses Christina Concours organises around 2,000 stage sessions which enables winners to gain valuable stage experience.

The Prinses Christina Concours travels throughout the Netherlands with the Classic Express. On board this mobile concert hall contest winners give concerts for primary school pupils. Almost 100.000 primary school pupils have been able to enjoy a classical concert in the Classic Express. The Prinses Christina Concours has also managed to reach thousands more children throughout the country with its ‘Kies je instrument’ (Choose your instrument), a free magazine aimed at eight-year-olds, the website www.kiesjeinstrument.nl and online music lessons at www.benniebriljant.nl.

Would you like to support the Prinses Christina Concours? For as little as € 30,- per year you can become a Friend and give young people the chance of having unforgettable musical experiences. For more information please visit: www.christinaconcours.nl/vrienden or send a mail to vrienden@christinaconcours.nl.




Dinsdag 3 september 2019, Nieuwe Kerk, Den Haag

12.30 uur

Zondag 8 september 2019, Heerlijkheid Berkenrode, Heemstede


Woensdag 11 september 2019, Gotische Zaal, Raad van State, Den Haag

12.45 uur

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